eCommerce is the new frontier for companies that want to tap into a wider customer base and generate more revenue through an online business system which makes their products and services instantly available to buyers worldwide at all times.

ISB Technologies has assisted several large enterprises located in Europe and North Africa in implementing advanced eCommerce platforms which handle significant product and order volumes.

Our professionals provide clients with the technical know-how they need to adapt complex business rules into efficient and profitable eCommerce systems that realise the full commercial potential of their companies online.

eCommerce platforms designed by ISB Technologies are fully customisable and can be fine-tuned to the specific needs of the individual organisation and the industry sector it operates in.

At each stage of the platform development process, our professionals take into account a variety of essential factors that contribute to a company’s online success, including a comprehensive range of back-end features, responsive and intuitive web design and SEO.

Among the array of features that ISB Technologies’ eCommerce platforms offer companies, there are: the possibility of effortlessly organising your products in several categories and subcategories, manage prices and inventory, add product images and videos, track orders automatically, as well as follow up on incomplete orders.

The effectiveness of an eCommerce system depends both on the back-end facilities it offers, as well as the quality of the customers’ experience when they interact with it. Therefore, web design is an integral aspect of our eCommerce platform development process. ISB Technologies professionals can elicit optimal customer response by intelligently leveraging design features that maximise online sales revenue.

Search engine optimisation is another essential consideration in ISB Technologies’ eCommerce platform. Our professionals pay particular attention to improve the visibility of a company’s website on search listings by providing SEO services which improve online traffic and page ranking.

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