This morning we sit with Mikele Schembri, Business Development Executive at ISB Technologies to pick his mind on the success that REAP CRM, the Real Estate Agency CRM Software is enjoying in the local market and whether he believes the company can take this success into the foreign market outside Malta’s shores.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Real Estate and the software used in this industry, what is REAP CRM and how long has it been available on the local market?

REAP CRM is a software solution designed and developed specifically for real estate agencies and the agents working with them. We have been working closely with industry leaders to understand their needs for almost a decade and had first launched the initial version back in 2013. Our vision back then was and remains the same today; To develop a software solution that would be the natural choice for real estate agencies around the world.

What is, in your opinion, the main factor contributing to its success in Malta?

It is hard to put a finger on a single factor, but continuously listening to the needs of realtors on the field has undoubtedly allowed our product team to build a software solution that the industry needs. We have also invested heavily in keeping the software abreast with modern technologies. Agents love the user experience and how they can access information without the need for constant training. Also, as the saying goes, success breeds success. Agents move from one agency to another and agents who previously used REAP CRM elsewhere recommend the software to their new managers.

Malta is a small country. Why choose such a small market and audience to launch your software?

We are based in Malta, so it was a natural choice for us to use the island as a launching country. We also had an initial client here in Malta before launching the first release, so that made things a little easier for us. Having said that, however, Malta is a fantastic place to launch pilot projects for many reasons, and if we had to do it all over again, we certainly wouldn’t change a thing.

Do you currently have any international clients using REAP CRM, and how do you plan on increasing this?

We do have a number of agencies running on REAP CRM in the UK and Italy. We are currently soft launching the product on the international market and the agencies already using the software outside of Malta, approached us themselves after hearing good things about the system. We have big plans for going forward. We are starting with English-speaking countries, of course, but I cannot reveal much more at this point.

What are your future plans for the software itself? 

The market and the industry will keep on driving the software and steering where it heads. Of course, our tech team will continue to inject innovation in terms of technology. I would say these are the two main ingredients that have ensured success so far, and personally, I do not see this strategy changing much. The future is exciting as the global market lies ahead of us!

Can you give realtors any hints of what big features to expect in the next upcoming release?

Needless to say, I cannot divulge much, but realtors will not be disappointed with what they will be seeing next. Without committing to a timeline yet, real estate agencies should expect to start seeing an element of AI and IoT in future releases of REAP CRM. I suggest they keep tuned and if they’re not using the software yet, to schedule a demo without any obligation with one of our consultants.

REAP CRM is a Real Estate CRM software for agencies and brokers of all sizes, ranging from sole broker to large franchise agencies. The software is cloud-based but can also be implemented on-premise if required. Speak to a consultant to discuss your agency requirements and to learn how REAP CRM can take your real estate business to a new level of excellence.