Let’s talk outsourcing, rather let’s talk about why outsourcing software development is rather beneficial, and even more specific, why outsourcing your software development to Malta works even better! We can think of a myriad of reasons why outsourcing always works best, rather than in-house development, but we chose to present to you 5 solid ones, which make quite a lot of sense really, if you stop and think about them well.

Outsourcing is a business practice wherein certain strategic functions of a particular organization are assigned to outside service providers rather than performed in-house. In other words, a company would seek external help and/or support, either through Onshoring, Offshoring or Nearshoring software development. Each of these three is particular in its own right. Such practices enable the organization to stay focused on core business goals and hence save time and money. Onshoring outsourcing is when you are outsourcing to a third party in the same country in which you are located. Nearshore is outsourcing to a third party located in a neighbouring country. Offshore outsourcing, on the other hand, refers to outsourcing to a third party in another country.

Outsourcing Software Development To Malta

Now, let’s talk advantages:

1. Time and Cost Savings

Hiring, training and housing staff comes at exorbitant costs. Whether you employ half a dozen, or a thousand workers, it is still much cheaper to outsource projects rather than hiring developers individually. IT Outsourcing to Malta is definitely cheaper than the same work performed in-house in other European countries. In addition, you will save on equipment needed for software development. When an organization is dedicated 24/7 to the delivering of your product within the given deadlines, time will not be an issue. You will also save time from the tedious task of hiring and training new developers.

2. Same European Time Zone

Sharing the same time zone will also be advantageous. Communication will not be the only thing that is facilitated. One needs to consider also the reduced time to market, which is paramount in today’s fast-paced business environments. Innovation, together with communication need to be done instantaneously and on the go. An outsourcing company in Malta, sharing the same time zone facilitates project production, while ensuring retention of control over the development itself.

3. Minimal Cultural Differences

One of the elements which can be scary in outsourcing is the diversity of cultures. Whilst culture diversity can be an increased asset due to fresh perspectives on problem solving, yet outsourcing to Malta will ensure that excessive diversity is minimized, ensuring little concern, but major advantages.

4. Location Proximity

When you need to outsource, due to whatever reason, you need to sit down occasionally and have a good face-to-face conversation with the people that you are going to engage. The fact that flying from Malta to the UK takes only 3 hours, and even less to other European countries, facilitates continuous communication between the parties involved.

5. And of course; great talent.

Besides solving the issues of lack of in-house experience, outsourcing to Malta enables focused strategies, accompanied by instant access to seasoned IT professionals, while bypassing all the hiring innuendoes that you might have to face in your country. This is an opportunity which can very well help your business to take on new global perspectives through fruitful interaction with talented developers.