As innovation is becoming the leading trend in the software development industry, more and more businesses are turning to the outsourcing model. When done right, outsourcing software projects is a secret doorway to on-going innovation, and meeting business needs rapidly.

This guide aims at helping you know the different types of software projects to outsource. After all, it’s equally beneficial for software houses and organizations looking to outsource.

Different Types Of Software Projects To Outsource

  1. Backend Development

The core part of any software project is its backend development. That’s where you spend most of your budget and resources. Backend development outsourcing enables startups & enterprises to hire experts for different languages & technologies.

Backend development outsourcing creates a balance between different aspects of software projects, which are mainly project duration and project cost.

To develop the core parts of software within the minimum time, and achieve cost & time optimization, hiring onshore or offshore backend developers is the right choice.  Regardless of whether it’s a startup or product that calls for growth, hiring in-house developers always prove more costly. Therefore, outsourcing the services of individuals or companies that are self-organized & self-motivated pays off well in the long run.

  1. Web Development

Currently, web development is exploding. Thanks to the latest web development technologies and API development, you can infinitely extend the features and functionality of a website.

Because of the more than ever-growing web development industry, there’s a huge surge in innovation. To scale your existing website or build a new one, hiring an in-house developer might be an expensive selection. Hence, you can outsource web developers to add new features to your site or build one from scratch. It’s a highly cost-effective way, allowing cost control & quick releases.

This could easily be seen with one of our latest projects, MEBO. MEBO is an esports betting odds website which makes use of multiple bookmaker APIs. Instead of going through an onboarding process to create a proof of concept, we at ISB Technologies were entrusted in delivering this to the client.

Today, highly skilled & efficient web developers are available to outsource, and it could be prime time for you to get one or more of them for your project.

  1. Mobile Development

A decade ago, mobile development was probably the least known service in the IT industry. Today, it’s booming. Mobile development, better known as “App development” is one of the leading concepts in the development industry.

It’s a highly versatile niche where you can develop gaming apps, entertainment apps, business apps, fitness apps, and many more. Regardless of what kind of app you’re aiming to develop or scale, agencies and individual service providers take on mobile development outsourced projects.

Team extension is a highly effective approach and adding one or more onshore or offshore app developers to your existing team will do the job for you.

  1. API Development

Thanks to Application Programming Interface (API), it’s easier than ever to integrate different services to your website. Without needing to develop standalone features for your website or software projects, you can leverage APIs for data exchange.

While it may sound like an easy task, it involves complexity, and need expert hands, especially if you plan on scaling. API development is one of the core competencies of the majority of outsourcing agencies and hiring one of them pays off well.

Outsourcing your software projects and hiring the services of onshore or offshore software development experts offers cost-effectiveness, efficiency, quick releases, and much more.

Drop us a line, and start outsourcing your software development projects!