It is becoming clear that cloud computing provides a competitive edge for the delivery of flexible and responsive IT solutions that businesses need to stay competitive.

If your business is looking for powerful and scalable solutions for your operational processes, we at ISB Technologies can help. We provide cloud-based solutions and virtualisation needed to create a digital infrastructure that performs.

Cloud Computing & The Benefits Of Migration

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing involves the delivery of software data storage and computing resources via the internet without direct management by the user. The processing power and data storage for cloud-based computing is hosted on servers in data centres distributed across the globe.

Cloud computing confers a number of key benefits to businesses of all types and sizes

Advantages include:

  • Save on the costs of hardware
  • Create custom IT infrastructure for your organisation using cloud-based software. With cloud computing, virtualisation allows you to operate seemingly incompatible software solutions simultaneously on your equipment for added efficiency and performance.
  • Cloud-based networks boast industry-leading levels of security.
  • Enjoy much faster processing speeds.
  • The ability to create scalable networking and infrastructure that can support the rapid expansion of your business.

Work with Malta’s leading IT Outsourcing company to get your cloud migration successfully underway.

With the right support and expertise, you can readily get the migration of your business IT infrastructure to the cloud underway. ISB Technologies take a proactive approach to every step of fully establishing your business operations as cloud-based. Here are some of the critical steps:

  • Your requirements for software and data migration need to be identified.
  • Having a seamless transition in your business operation, all begins with consultancy and planning from our experienced team of IT experts and software engineers.
  • We will explore how your business currently operates and the strategic advantages of cloud-based computing. Together with relevant in-house personnel, we will create a thorough inventory of hardware, software and digital assets that will need to be transitioned or decommissioned.

In this planning stage, our in-house virtualisation expertise allows us to model and build the virtual hardware, storage and networking platforms needed to support your cloud-operated IT infrastructure.

Select the right migration solution

Our established working relationships with reputable IT companies such as Cisco and Microsoft mean that we can assist you in selecting the best cloud computing provider. Choose amongst leading companies such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure for professional performance, tight security and smart user interfaces for your team. In addition, our software developer can create wholly bespoke software solutions and interfaces using our virtualisation expertise.

Choosing your method of migration

Depending on your organisation’s strategic and operational priorities, you have several options available for successful cloud migration. Here are three fundamental approaches you need to know:

  1. We will select and utilise the most appropriate tools to move your enterprise’s computing from on-site to the cloud.
  2. Your migration can be grouped by key applications or enterprise servers that are diligently migrated from on-site or local hosting to the cloud.
  3. We move your IT resources and data from locally run databases to the cloud.

We use a combination of these techniques depending on your business’ needs. Our agile and responsive team of experts pay great attention to detail and cover every aspect of ensuring migration is seamless and does not leave your business exposed to unnecessary downtime.

Talk to us about your software & cloud computing needs

As one of Malta’s leading IT companies, we are at the cutting edge of innovation and IT outsourcing in a country that sits at the global gateway to Europe. Our experience, agile and flexible team lead the way in devising safer and more secure ways of migrating and operating outsourced cloud-based IT infrastructure for a range of organisations. Contact us to find out more about how we can be of service.